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Showing 1-30 of 54 item(s)

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Lykra White with Green-Red...

Price zł101.00
zł101.00 /Całość 1,45Mb

White Spandex with Red and Green Stripes. 4-way stretch. Perfect for a swimsuit, dance or stage outfit, fitted dress or skirt. Availability: 1.45M Width: 150cm Price: 26EUR  - The whole piece Product kod: L002

Lykra Yellow Fuchsia Dots

Price zł30.00
zł30.00 /Całość 0,45Mb

Spandex in a beautiful sunny yellow color, decorated with fuchsia dots, additionally sparkle with a silver hologram. Light, airy knitwear. Perfect for making dance, bathing, gymnastic costumes, figure skating, and all artistic creations. 4-Way stretch. Availability: COUPON 0.45Mb Width: 145cm...

Mystique Silver Sequins Print

Price zł30.00
zł30.00 /Kupon 0.4Mb

Lycra Mystique in silver color, decorated with snakes of silver printed sequins. Perfect for making dance and stage costumes, for figure skating and other artistic creations. Extensibility - in four directions. COUPON - 0.4Mb Price PLN 30/Coupon

Spandex Blue Coding

Price zł62.00

Spandex in ocean blue color, decorated with a small coding pattern made from little multicolor shiny squares. 4- way stretch, perfect for dance costumes, theatre out fit, body, ice skating, or any other artistic creation.