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Bomberka Red

Price zł120.00

Spectacular red fabric with a shiny coating, decorated with white stitching and hologram sequins. Perfect for sewing a bomber jacket or a standing skirt. Availability: 185 / 145cm. Price: PLN 120 / total 1.85Mb

Georgette Black Holo...

Price zł28.00
zł28.00 /Kupon 0,65Mb

Black georgette decorated with black sequins and black glitter. 4-way stretch. Availability: 65 / 150cm Price: PLN 28 / 0.65M coupon

Georgette Silver Holo...

Price zł32.00
zł32.00 /Kupon 0.8Mb

Black georgette decorated with silver sequins and silver glitter. 4-way stretch. Availability: 80 / 150cm Price: PLN 32 / 0.8M coupon